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"We are focused on delivering a genomic framework for personalized medicine using biological information to inform the radiation treatment parameters. This technology allows us to predict which patients benefit from radiation more than others allowing for the personalization of radiation therapy." 
— Javier Torres-Roca, MD



Moffitt Cancer Center & Cvergenx Partner to Personalize Radiation Therapy

August 9, 2017

Tampa, FL — Moffitt Cancer Center and Cvergenx announced a new research partnership that aims to revolutionize radiation therapy. The goal of the Future of Radiation Therapy (FORT) project is to create a framework for using a patient’s genetic information to provide a personalized radiation treatment plan. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE 

A Tailored Approach to Cancer Treatment

Tampa Bay Times, August 18, 2017

Tampa, FL — Treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center has been more precise since doctors and researchers there began using targeted drug therapies nearly a decade ago. And soon they plan to expand on that approach, known as personalized medicine, to include radiation therapy. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE 

Cvergenx, Inc. Brings Radiation Oncology into the Era of Individualized Medicine

January 4th, 2017

Tampa, FL — In an endeavor to bring radiation oncology into the era of individualized medicine, Cvergenx, Inc. today reaffirmed its plans to commercialize the first genomics-driven approach to precision radiation therapy. This advance, recently recognized by The Lancet Oncology, one the most widely read and well respected peer-reviewed oncology journals in the world today, was echoed in an editorial commentary in the same publication. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE